Bella Diamond Top 1% Provider Of Bellafill

Naz Keshwani, M.D. Is Proud To Announce He Is A Bella Diamond Top 1% Provider Of Bellafill.

The status is only awarded to the top 1% of Bellafill injectors nationwide. In continuation of this status, he will continue to serve his patients with continued excellence.

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Bellafill is the only facial filler approved for the treatment of acne scars and is also the only facial filler with 5-year safety and efficacy data for the treatment of nasolabial folds. Along with these areas, Bellafill can be as follows:

  • used to lift contour and define the cheeks
  • reshape the nose
  • fill the hollowing areas underneath the eyes
  • enhance and define the lips
  • smoothing of the marionette lines around the mouth and chin
  • define the jawline
  • smooth the dimpling or creases on the chin
  • smooth smile lines and wrinkles

If a patient has excessive wrinkling in the hands which can make their hands appear older, then Bellafill may help to smooth them out and make the hands look younger. This product has many areas of use, Dr. Keshwani is an expert who can help his patients turn back time or help to enhance a younger appearance.

The way Bellafill works is it helps the growth of collagen in specific injected areas. This will help to smooth lines and wrinkles, fill in areas which have drooped or sagged with aging, defining or reshaping facial areas and helps in reducing acne scars.

Patients have asked for a longer lasting product and Bellafill meets that need. Since Dr. Keshwani is a top 1% Bela Diamond Bellafill provider he is known to have provided Bellafill for many patients with highly satisfactory results. Don’t let aging affect your appearance any more than it has too. Contact our office at 832-446-3206 for your free initial consultation and see where Bellafill can help enhance your beauty.


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