Skin Tightening

skin tightning

During Your Lifetime You May Have The Need For Skin Tightening Procedures.

We Offer A Wide Array Of Proven And State-Of-The-Art Techniques And Procedures For Helping Improve Your Skin.

Do you have wrinkles or sagging skin you want to tighten up? Dr. Keshwani and his staff are highly experienced in advising and treating your skin needs. We offer non-invasive methods for tightening your skin for your entire body.

Have you had weight loss and now need to tighten up your sagging skin? Is your skin becoming loose and saggy because of your age or sun damage? We have several procedures available. When you meet with one of our staff we will advise you on which treatments will assist you best.

Double chin or facial features your not satisfied with? Again we have several more treatments available such as Thermage or Kybella to help reduce the double chin or liven up your facial or body features.

Call  832.446.3206 and receive your free initial consultation and we can help you have more radiant and beautiful skin.

Slim Beauty

Our Slim Beauty Machine Works To Help In Fat Reduction, Tone And Sculpt Your Body.

Without dieting or exercise just lay down on the table and results may be seen after the hour session! This treatment can be ideal for muscle toning or fat reduction of the stomach, love handles and even the legs or thighs! The procedure is virtually pain free and is known that 1 session can be equal to 5.5 hours of exercise! The treatment works by stimulation of the area muscles continuously while you are resting.

Check out our incredible introductory offer of $199 for your 1st treatment and can be easily added to your routine.

See Video Below While The Treatment Is Applied To A Patient Around The Stomach Area.

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coolsculpting process

CoolSculpting® Is An Innovative Treatment To Reduce Fat On The Body Without Needles Or Surgery.

This non-invasive procedure will help to freeze unwanted body fat away. The treatment area depends on which part of the body one would like the reduction of fat on.

The Process

The revolutionary controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis, is what CoolSculting uses. It will target and cool fat cells while eliminating only the fat cells without damage to other tissues.  Before the procedure, the technician will carefully draw the treatment area. The cooling panel will be placed in the area and it will create a firm pull and slight sensation of pressure around the treatment area. This sensation will occur during the first few minutes of the procedure.  You will begin to feel a freezing sensation at the beginning, which will disappear within the first couple of minutes.  You will then just sit back and relax.  The treatment will take about 1 hour per treatment site,  which will result in a significantly noticeable reduction of fat within the treatment area.  We have found that the most common and effective areas of treatment are the back, abdomen, love handles


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emsculpt body scultping

EMSculpting® Is A Treatment To Help Build Muscle And Sculpt The Body.

This procedure is a non-surgical treatment that can help to efficiently build muscles and reduce fat to help sculpt the body. To have an attractive body one needs to build muscle. Emsculpting is for someone who works out but can't seem to get the sculpted body they prefer. It helps in reducing fat and building muscle tissue

Q and A:

  • Treatment Time:treatments last about 30 minutes and should consist of a minimum of 4 sessions which are scheduled 2 to 3 days apart. Your technician will advise of a treatment plan for your specific goals.
  • Downtime:This is a non-surgical treatment that requires no recovery time or pre/post preparation.
  • What does Emsculpt treatment feel like?: During the treatment, it feels like an intensive workout. You will be able to lie down and relax during the procedure.
  • Will it work for me?: Before your treatment, you will be screened to make sure you are an ideal candidate for Emsculpt. There have been seven peer-reviewed clinical studies for Emsculpt and it has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy with the ideal candidates.

How quick to I see results?: You will feel results right after the procedure. Most positive results will usually be reported between 2 to 4 weeks after the last session. These positive results will continue to improve for several weeks more.


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