Thermage Skin Tightening

Elite Doc Health And Beauty Offers A Revolutionary Skin Tightening Procedure Without Surgery Called Thermage.

Thermage® FLX is a laser technology which uses radio frequency pulses to stimulate collagen production that can help smooth out wrinkles in skin without surgery. The process will help rejuvenate your skin and can reduce wrinkles and saggy skin throughout your face and body. Ask about this treatment that will help you fight the signs of aging without the pain and risks of surgery. You can check out the great results of just one treatment to lift your eyes making you look years younger.

Face Lift without surgery is an amazing cosmetic procedure which our technicians are able to perform and you will see results immediately. This procedure can be perform on both men or women.

Expect results after just one treatment of Thermage FLX.

Our clinicians are specially trained in the Thermage FLX cosmetic laser procedures, which will help your own body stimulate the production collagen and helps reduce wrinkles to help you have a more youthful appearance. While tightening and toning of the skin, you will see the reduction of the signs of saggy and wrinkling of your skin. You will be able to see immediate results after the treatments and then you will see the ongoing results as your collagen is rejuvenated into production.

The greatest advantage is the laser is non-invasive and there no downtime after treatment. Make sure if you would like to smooth, tone, tighten and contour your body to its best, make sure you ask for the complete information at your appointment. We always want to help our patients to fight the signs of aging and contouring your body with the top of the line treatments and procedures. Thermage is one of the excellent ways we will help you fight the signs of aging without the stress, pain and risk of surgery.

To see if you would be a good candidate for a Thermage FLX treatment, give us a call at 832-446-3206.


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