Botox Smooths Vertical Lines And Smokers Wrinkles

Botox has been known to help smooth smokers wrinkles for vertical lines around one’s cheeks and above the lips. If you are worried about having lines and wrinkles around your lips known as smokers’ lines Botox can also be injected to help in smoothing these too. Since wrinkles are the natural process of aging, having injections of Botox can help in smoothing facial wrinkles. As we age our body begins to stop producing collagen which leads to lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Keshwani is a very experienced physician who knows the types of injections to use in specific areas of the face. He would like his patients to feel they can look younger and smooth out or reduce the lines and wrinkles around the face. When providing the anti-aging Botox injections, they are injected right underneath the skin to relax the muscles on your face. This process is used by many to help in the smoothing of skin which will help in keeping lines and wrinkles at bay.

Don’t let lines or wrinkles on your lips and vertical lines make you look older around your face, call today for your appointment 832-446-3206. Let us help you turn back time on your body!

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