June Is Acne Awareness Month

Dr. Keshwani Would Like Everyone To Know That June Is Acne Awareness Month And What Types Of Treatments He Has To Help People With Acne And Acne Scars.

Many People Go Through Life Feeling Ashamed Of Having Acne Or Acne Scars And It Can Affect A Persons Self Esteem.

At Elite Doc Health and Beauty we can help with with treating acne  and acne scarring tha has been hindering one’s self esteem. You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Keshwani so he may examine your acne symptoms and provide you with the different types of treatments he has available.

One of the treatments he has available is called Bellafill® which is the only type of filler on the market today that is approved by the FDA to treat moderate to severe, acne facial scars on cheeks for people over 21 years of age. The process of Bellafill is to add volume in the skin which smooths out indentions from acne scars to the same level of the skin. You can have an immediate difference in your pits from acne to smoother skin, which in turn may lead to a more confident you, if the scars had made you feel insecure before. See the picture below of before and after Bellafill treatments.

Don’t go through life with acne scars and feeling ashamed of the pits on your cheeks! Call Dr. Keshwani at Elite Doc Health and Beauty to bring back a whole new confidence to your self esteem. Since acne can put a hinderance on your appearance break free and see a whole new you you can be proud of!

Now that June is the month for Acne Awareness we want you to feel better about your appearance.  You will not have to deal with your acne scars any longer, call our office at 832-446-3206 and set up your free consultation with Dr. Keshwani.


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